Battle Rage: Reflex (DSi)


Battle Rage: Reflex, a spin-off of the Battle Rage was announced today by Teyon, together with other DSiWare and WiiWare games. Read more.

Battle Rage on Russia (PC)


The game will be released on Russia by 1C, publisher number one on this territory.

Battle Rage : The Robot Wars (Wii)


Battle Rage will be available for the Wii platform! More information on the publisher's site.

We will announce first publisher for the PC soon. Stay tuned.

Game's production is finished


Battle Rage is in its full version. As soon as we know any release dates we will announce that. Right now we're looking for the partners that could license the game.



In the screenshots section now you can see some of the elements of the Battle Rage menu.

Making of..


CG Chosen magazine contains 'making of' article about one of the Battle Rage arts(called 'Prolog').

Third Trailer


.. already available :) You can find it here

Press Packs


In the press section there's an archive of the chosen press packs.

Second trailer


Today we have uploaded new trailer

Happy New Year!



In the features section there's an updated list of weapons available in the Battle Rage.


First trailer


In the gallery section you can see our first official trailer.


Award for 'Tortur'.


One of pictures from Battle Rage, drawn by Artur 'Torturr' Sadlos, won the "CG Choice Award" on CGTalk. You can watch it here and here. Congratulations, Torturr!

New screenshots.


Latest screenshots and the first image from the story line in the download/art section.

New music sample.


In the downloads you can find new music sample "Until We Fall" by Fractal Chaos.

To make the dark and furious character of "Battle Rage" more expressive we have decided to put some heavier sounds into it. The music in the game is a mix of rock/metal and breakbeat/drum'n'bass, composed by Patryk 'Revisq' Gegniewicz. Game's introduction and the main menu music is a work of the band called "Fractal Chaos". "Fractal Chaos" was established by Lestath and Sigmar , members of well known band "Sammath Naur". The music they play can be called "industrial metal" and it's perfect illustration for heavy and intensive character of the game. More info about the band and it's members can be found at:


Update in the gallery.


We have added new screens to the gallery. You can see there screenshots from new maps in BATTLE RAGE.

Official site launched.


Official site of new Destan Entertainment's third person shooter BATTLE RAGE has been launched. We encourage you to take a look at the all materials gathered here.

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